T. S. Digital Marketing News & Resources – Nov 2022

News & Resources For November 2022

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Youtube Revenue Shrinks As Google Feels Pinch Of Ad Slowdown

A continued deceleration for YouTube comes as the platform races to catch up with TikTok, mainly through a lookalike feature called Shorts.


Google Ads Turns 22: A Look Back At The Biggest Changes And Advances In Search

A lot has happened over the years from testing newspaper and audio ads to automation and Performance Max stepping in and taking over.


Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update On October 22, A Day After The Spam Update Finished

If you notice large ranking or traffic changes from your organic Google search results, you may have been hit by this spam update. Spam updates target specific guideline violations. This update may have been more focused on content spam efforts. Check your rankings and Google organic traffic over the past week to see if you noticed any big changes to your positions.


AI Allows You To Talk With Virtual Versions Of Deceased Loved Ones

Advances in artificial intelligence allow people to speak with dead loved ones via phone, video chat or voice assistant.

This might be cynical on my part, but how long will it be before the deceased loved ones are making product recommendations to support the technology?


Twitter’s Most Active Users Have Reportedly Stopped Tweeting

Twitter’s heavy tweeters aren’t as active as they used to be, and people who use the site regularly have markedly different interests than in years past.


Twitter Expands Campaign Planner To 15 More Countries

Twitter is expanding its Campaign Planner forecasting tool for advertisers to 15 additional countries and adding support for the video views objective.

Initially launched in three countries, Campaign Planner estimates the size of an audience you can potentially reach with Twitter ads based on the parameters you set.


Tiktok Replaces Netflix As Second Most-Popular App For Those Under 35

The service’s popularity is heavily skewed by age; among those over 35, TikTok is only the sixth most popular service. YouTube remains the market’s most popular service.


Video: TikTok Updates: New Features, Ads, Tools and More

Social Media Examiner has published a new video ‘TikTok Updates: New Features, Ads, Tools and More’ explaining recent TikTok updates.


Free Email Signature Template Generator

Make your own professional looking email signature in just a few clicks with this signature generator


Snapchat Owner Braces For Cold Winter As Ad Revenue Slows

Snap said that direct-response advertising formats are the most “defensible” investment for marketers in a down period, and it expects the category will scale significantly over the long term. Still, the short-term picture isn’t pretty, as Snap expects flat growth for the crucial fourth quarter and holiday window.


More Than A Crunch: How A 1.5 Second Tune Changed The Tostitos Brand

The Frito-Lay brand revealed at Advertising Week that its recent introduction of a sonic identity upped brand recall by 38%. Reminds me of the two note "dunk-dunk" of Law and Order and the 5 notes of Close Encounters. Could your videos and your branding benefit from its own theme sound?


Walmart Launches Beta Version Of Content Creator Platform

Expanding its reach into social commerce, Walmart on Tuesday announced the beta release of its Walmart Creator platform, according to a press release.

The portal allows content creators to make a commission — with no limit — on Walmart product links shared on any social media platform. Walmart Creator provides users with performance data as well as product recommendations based on their interests, per the release.


Tiktok Hints At US Product Fulfillment Centers — Here’s What It Means For Marketers

If the ByteDance-owned app can successfully restrict the entire customer journey to its platform, it may be time for marketers to embrace social commerce.


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